Closed Trail FAQs:

No biking for a 24 hour period after rain.

If trails are closed and the rainfall event continued after the initial closure, the trails remain closed.

If the rain stopped in the previous 24 hours, but the forecast calls for continued rain chances, the trails remain closed.

Why do trails close?

Tire ruts and footprints in mud collect water. Damaged trails take longer to dry and are unpleasant for all trail users. Temporarily closed trails stay in good shape for you to use over the many decades that they were built to last.

Who checks and opens or closes the trails?

BOC trail managers routinely check trail conditions, usually on a daily basis.

What if an open trail is muddy?

Please do not ride, hike, or run if you are leaving tracks or prints in mud. If the trail is dry and open with some soft or muddy spots, please do your best to neither widen the trail or leave ruts in damp areas.

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